Sunday, January 26, 2014

A few more thoughts as I am reading through Darrell Pitt's "Steampunk Detective"...

As much as I have enjoyed Darrell's "Steampunk Detective" the first few times I read through it, looking at the story with a critical eye has revealed a few things I had missed. Mainly that I really stand in awe of the way everything fits seamlessly together, and how the story moves from scene to scene without skipping a beat! Really, this is the definition of fluid storytelling. While having more than enough action to satisfy action/adventure junkies, Darrell really allows the story to grow organically. The characters learn and change with their new knowledge throughout, and react in ways that actual people would, as opposed to cardboard cutouts that are used to frame a story idea. The genuine world-building and attention to detail involving the setting's history is also superb. This is first and foremost a story that hinges on character development, and secondly on the many details that make a reader feel at home in the story's environs. Very well written, greatly appreciated, and I count myself lucky to have experienced this tale. Thankfully, I have it on good authority that sequels are in the works, and that this story is being rereleased as "The Firebird Mystery". With that, I'll get back to reading.

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