Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Here's my review of BULLET GAL #1 from Andrez Bergen and IF? Commix. Very nice!!!

cover art by Andrez Bergen
The talented Andrez Bergen is having a busy summer. A new novel out in July (the wonderful DEPTH CHARGING ICE PLANET GOTH), followed by his graphic adaptation of Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat which is being released in August. Not to mention new releases from IF? Commix looming on the horizon. So how does the man choose to celebrate? By releasing a twelve page mini-comic (at cost) to thank his fans, natch! Bullet Gal #1 will be printed up in the second week of August, and will be priced at one measly buck! Hard to beat that right? But wait, there's more (sorry, I've always wanted to use that line)! From September 1st and on, the digital version will be FREE via the IF? Commix website! How cool is that? Now that I've got the what, when, and where out of the way, let me relate my thoughts about the comic...

Bullet Gal #1 is a prequel to some of Andrez's other works (take a look at Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa?, Tales to Admonish, and the aforementioned DEPTH CHARGING ICE PLANET GOTH for related reading), and relates an adventure of the woman who will soon come to be known as Bullet Gal. Set in Heropa (a city existing in cyberspace) and told in a distinct noir style, this short entry is simply amazing! The writing is razor sharp, the art stark, and strikingly beautiful. The art and writing style fit together perfectly, and it's a total joy to see the story executed in such excellent style. I love the fact that Andrez has filled in more of Bullet Gal's history (and there's more on the way), which I had really hoped for after being introduced to the character. All in all, a lot of goodness, residing within a small package. If you love well told noir, you'll appreciate the first issue of Bullet Gal. Recommended reading, and here's hoping for more adventures from our heroine! On that note, I'll get back to perusing my library. Have a great one, and have fun reading!

If you missed it above here's the link to the IF? Commix home page. And here's a link to Andrez's blog, where you can keep up with the many projects he has going on. Why don't you swing by and take a look? I'll leave you with a bit of interior art from Bullet Gal...

interior art by Andrez Bergen

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