Sunday, July 20, 2014

My review of BULLET GAL #4 by Andrez Bergen. Another great read!

Interior art of Mitzi with "her" Lee by Andrez.
I received Bullet Gal #4 by Andrez Bergen in my inbox the other day, and let me tell you, I was totally blown away by the story. Andrez never ceases to amaze both with his excellent storytelling, and with his beautiful artwork. I really enjoy the direction this series is going, and I love the surprises that Andrez has been pulling out of his bag of magic tricks. There's quite a number contained in this issue, and probably many more in store for us before the ride is through. I, for one, wouldn't have it any other way. This release will be available through IF? COMMIX in October 2014, so be sure to jot that down on your calender, and pick up a copy when it comes out (and yes, I know it's a bit early to be haranguing you about buying the book, but I thought I'd just slip it in here, when you had your guard down). Well, let's find out what kind of trouble Mitzi's been getting into, since last we left her... * Since this work has yet to be released, I've been forced to include some spoilers in my review. Sorry about that, since I try to avoid them at all cost. *

Ah, yes. Back at the bar, which is where I'd like to be. Interior art by Andrez.
When last we left our gal, Mitzi was having a bit of a tete a tete with "her" Lee. This was interrupted rather rudely, as a lurking gunman sprang from hiding and attacked the pair. At the same time, a sniper by the name of The Big Game Hunter also entered the fray, letting off a shot from a nearby rooftop. Things looked exceedingly dire... And with issue #4, we see the tragic aftermath of these events. The Big Game Hunter is actually an ally of Lee, (providing lone overwatch on the meeting), and his shot was meant for the hidden assassin. Although the Hunter never misses his quarry, his shot came seconds too late. Lee is mortally wounded by the gunsel, and dies in Mitzi's arms... Mitzi finally realizes that she had feelings for Lee, at the exact moment he is snatched away from her. Shattered by the event, she tries to make sense of it all. At the funeral, she is approached by one of Lee's dopplegangers (Lee is a supe, and his power is to split into various unique versions of himself, all who represent facets of the original Lee's personality), who wants to continue her training (can we all collectively say, "TOO SOON!"). Tactfully (in my opinion), Mitzi doesn't knock him arse over tea kettle, and she allows this "other" Lee to take her to a local bar. Although he tries to explain the plan, Mitzi's emotional state (helped along by a liberal sampling of the bar's libations) leads her to throw his explanations back into his teeth... Until he presents her with an offer she can't refuse (or can she?)... And let us not forget the actual villains of the piece. What kind of dastardly (Yes, I used dastardly in a sentence. I'm weird like that.) plan have they been plotting up? Carnage and mayhem, most likely. But you'd have to ask them, I'm just a humble reader...

What can I say about the latest issue of Bullet Gal? If anyone's been reading my prior posts on the series, you already know that I'm a huge fan. The story just keeps getting more intriguing as it goes along. Mitzi's been through some really tough times before, and things seem to be getting worse. She still manages to make it through, and doesn't let events cripple her emotionally, something I deeply admire about the character. Life keeps throwing obstacles at her, and she keeps overcoming them, and is a stronger person because of her experiences. I have to admit, Mitzi is the type of character I always root for, and Andrez renders her trials and triumphs beautifully (Both in the comic, and elsewhere. Start reading the man's novels, and you'll have a whole new outlook on the comic. Just saying...). The plot, to this point (and beyond), has enough mystery to attract an entire neighborhood of curious cats (here's hoping they have their entire set of nine lives, else they might be done in), and Andrez keeps adding more fuel to the fire. His writing is mighty, and the art is at the same level, perfectly complimenting the story, and illuminating the events in Mitzi's world. In these days of cookie cutter releases, that are shoehorned into an easily recognizable genre (for marketing purposes), Bullet Gal, and Andrez's work in general, fly in the face of the norm. At first glance, you can lump this into the noir/thriller genre. Once you get to the meat of things, and truly delve into the story, it's not so easily defined. This is a highly intricate story, told by a creator who cares about his creation, and takes the time and effort to draw you into Mitzi's world. A gem like this is an example of why I find myself, more and more, relying on independent publishers for my comic book fix. While there are any number of duds out there (which is true for all of comics), Bullet Gal isn't one of them. There are any number of great stories that exist outside of the major publishers, and you can find them, as long as you take the time to look around. Mitzi's journey is definitely on this list, and I'm extremely happy that I'm along for the ride...

Here's the link for the IF? COMMIX site. Here's Andrez's blog. Finally, here's Andrez's Amazon page. Take a look around, say hello, and check out his non-comic book work. The man is mighty... Go out and read something different today, or tomorrow, or at least SOON. Expand your horizons, and take a look at new things. With that, I'll sign off, and wish all of you happy reading!

The beautiful Brigit, at her psychotic best. Mitzi's in for a bit of a rough go... Interior art by Andrez.

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